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Ultimately there is light and love and intelligence in this universe. And we are it, we carry that within us, its not just something out there, it is within us. This is what we are trying to re-connect with, our original light and love and intelligence, which is who we really are. So it is important not to get so distracted by extraneous things, but to really remember what we are here on this planet for.

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What if I told you 10 years from now your life would be exactly the same?
Doubt you’d be happy.
So, why are you afraid of change?

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All thoughts—good thoughts, bad thoughts, lovely thoughts, evil thoughts—occur within something. All thoughts arise and disappear into a vast space. If you watch your mind, you’ll see that a thought simply occurs on its own—it arises without any intention on your part. In response to this, we’re taught to grab and identify with them. But if we can, just for a moment, relinquish this anxious tendency to grab our thoughts, we begin to notice something very profound: that thoughts arise and play out, spontaneously and on their own, within a vast space; the noisy mind actually occurs within a very, very deep sense of quiet.

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τέτλαθι δή, κραδίη: καὶ κύντερον ἄλλο ποτ᾽ ἔτλης.

Homer, Odyssey 20:18
"Take courage, my heart: you have been through worse than this." (via kilolux)

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A recent study shows that people who sit for prolonged periods can help prevent serious health problems by taking a 5 minute walk once an hour. Source

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'Cause I'm so busy, I'm so busy

Thinking about kissing you

'Cause I'm so busy, I'm so busy

Thinking about touching you

Now I want to do that

Without entertaining another thought

"A Little Lost" - Sufjan Stevens

and so here we are, trying to make sense of how this could be so perfectly overwhelming, but so real


started from the bottom and i am currently still at the bottom

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